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What is Factor4?

Factor4 is the latest in preventative ageing, utilising your own blood to create a highly concentrated serum, which is then injected or skin needled into the treatment area.

What is Factor4 used for?

Factor4 is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment. A Factor4 treatment naturally stimulates your body’s own collagen benefiting;

  • skin elasticity
  • significantly slowing down the skin’s aging process
  • reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • reducing pores and scars and;
  • improving the overall skin’s tone and texture giving skin a much more youthful look and feel.

How does it work?

Treatment involves taking two vials of blood, and then processing it using an incubator and centrifuge. The resulting serum is four times richer in growth factors and cytokines than whole blood – hence the name Factor4!

The highly concentrated serum is then skin needled/injected into the treatment area of concern and the rejuvenation process begins.

What is the difference between Factor4 and PRP?

The main difference between Factor4 and PRP is Factor4 is truly an autologous system and is not diluted with any liquids keeping it free of additives or extra enzymes that the body has to process. It’s the next generation.

Compared to PRP another point of difference is the comfort for the client only having to collect their blood once.

The Factor4 process also results in four times more growth factors than regular PRP treatments.

How many treatments are needed, and what is the downtime?

To keep things easy to remember, Factor4 is recommended four times, at 7-10 day intervals. For best results and maintenance, it is recommended to perform this course once a year.

Downtime is very minimal, with any treatment redness usually subsiding within 24-48 hours and makeup able to be applied the following day.

Packages & Prices

2x Treatments
ZO Skin Health Phase 1 Kit


4x Treatments
ZO Skin Health Phase 1 Kit


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